What you can expect from me and vice versa?

October 6, 2019

Now that we have established what will be all the things we’ll discuss on this journey, there is just one more thing on the way.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking- “Liisa, get to the point already,” but I want to make sure you and I are on the same page.

I believe that every relationship is built on mutual expectations. Setting and talking through expectations is something we do with our coaching clients, something we help leaders do with their people, something we’re constantly working on with Nick and something overall is an important thing to establish in life.

Have you ever been in a situation where you get frustrated because the other person didn’t act the way you had planned they’d do in your head? Have you got pissed off because someone didn’t meet the standards you had set for them, without actually ever telling them what those were? Familiar right?!

Unmet expectations are a big cause of disappointment, so here you’ll find out what you can count on me for and vice versa- what do I expect from you, so we can walk this road together. Cool? Cool!

Let’s make a deal…

What you can expect from me:

  1. To have a positive perspective. 

Have you ever heard anyone say: “I have too much positivity in my life”? Noup! You guys might have bullets flying towards you all day, all week sometimes. I know it’s easy to get discouraged. You can count on this being a place to fill your positivity-tank and leave with a bigger smile on your face than with the one you came with. Having a positive perspective does not mean always being hyper positive, it just means putting in the effort to choose to see the good rather than bad.

What is something in your life you already know you should change your attitude about?

2. To be raw, real and honest.

Have you ever heard anyone say: “I wish I lied more to myself and others- that would probably get me further in life”? Noup! You can count on me for sharing our life the way it is without sugarcoating or focusing only on the peaks. The way social media depicts lives might sometimes be misleading and even depressing because of showcasing all the highlights. I’ve definitely gone down that rabbit-hole myself and it’s not a beautiful place.

What is one area in your life where being vulnerable and honest with yourself or someone important in your life would make life a lot lighter?

3. To always show up.

Have you ever heard anyone say- “I wish I hadn’t gone to the gym / eaten that healthy dinner/worked on myself”? Noup! I believe that you don’t have to be the strongest, smartest or fastest to achieve your goals. Being persistent and consistent will most of the time get us where we want to be. I am definitely not the best chef, wife or coach nor is blogging my profession, but one thing you can count on me for is showing up.

What is one area in your life where merely showing up more persistently would be half of the win?

4. To always practice what I preach.

Have you ever heard someone say- “I wish I followed through with fewer things I’ve promised I would”? Noup! Being a practitioner is my number one goal professionally and personally. You can count on me for never sharing something with you that I am not willing to do, that I haven’t done previously or that goes against what I believe in.

What is something in your life, that you could speak less about and actually do more?

Positive, raw, real and honest- count on me for those things!

Do these things sound cool with you? Yes? Good. The first part of the deal done!

What I expect from you:

  1. To come to this page with an open mind and an open heart. 

I always remind myself to be so focused on my own improvement that I don’t have time to criticize others. That’s what I expect from you as well. This site has no room for negativity or pessimism, so if you want to look for the bad in things, then this probably is not a place for you. No drama, no trash-talk, no comparing or fighting- none of those limiting, small-minded activities over here.

2. To provide feedback from a place of love. 

This blog and I definitely have a lot of room for growth. So be proactive, engage, ask questions, share your thoughts, empower, encourage, compliment and provide feedback from a place of love so we can improve together.

3. To provide accountability.

Accountability is never a sexy and fun thing, but whatever area of our lives we put some accountability in place, things often times get better. We just operate better with added accountability and you probably know which area you need it the most for. I’ll gladly be your accountability-partner if you’ll be mine.

4. To be proactive.

Nothing good has ever just come from cruising along. Massive action brings massive results in every area, so whenever we discuss something, try not to just read, but decided one action item for yourself and really put it to practice.  Actually do the activities and challenges along with me and give a chance for changes to occur.

Let’s kick some butt together!

Are we on the same page now? Awesome. Done deal!

Last thing I’ll leave you with…

Who is someone in your life you should sit down and talk through some expectations? Your significant other… your boss… your family member…

Let’s start implementing what we just talked through above. Actually have this conversation!

After that get excited- the first real post coming up in two days!:)




6 responses to “What you can expect from me and vice versa?”

❤️❤️❤️ you are such an amazing human! Thanks for contributing to the world in such a positive way! You’re a ball of human sunshine! Can’t wait to keep reading!

A ball of human sunshine….:D I’ll take that! Love it:) Thank you so much, Jess.

Täpselt nii:) Vanad head põhitõed. Eeldused / ootused on läbi räägitud, siis on vähem möödapanekuid;)

Mäletan, kui Sa kord ammuses minevikus ütlesid, et minu blogi pani Sind positiivsemalt mõtlema. Tean, kui hea meel mul oli seda kuulda. Veel ägedam on lugeda, et Sa paned selle headuse palli veel suuremalt veerema! Ma täiesti siiralt usun positiivsuse jõusse ja arvan, et see on super äge, et Sa seda teed! Jõudu ja jaksu ja püsivust sellel teekonnal 🙂

Oi, Mirian, nii hea meeldetuletus. Eks tõesti on nii, et vahepeal ei taju isegi kuidas midagi mis teeme kellegi teise jaoks pikalt mõjuv olla võib. Tänan sind siiralt ilusate sõnade eest ja soovin sulle ikka järkuvat usinust ja sära. Kallistused!

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