Memoryhunt- say "YES" to new adventures

I am SO excited to start pouring these words that you are about to read, onto this screen.

Me and my sister have been working on our secret, little project for the last month or so and I'm super pumped to share it with you.

So let me start from the beginning...

Last Christmas my sister gave us the coolest gift. It was called "List to make your next year crazy." There were activities for me and Nick to experience throughout the coming year.

The original "List to make your next year crazy"

Let me tell you- this board has brought so much fun and incredible memories for us in 2019.

We tried winter-swimming

We went on a tandem bike ride

We went to see a concert by an artist we both love

We had a picnic
We planned our dream vacation

We relaxed in a SPA

We got a couples massage
We dressed up for Halloween
MUAH: Elina Aleste, Diana Merisalu
Photo: Alice Märtin Photography

We went canoeing

We did a spaghetti-kiss

These were some of the highlights, but also some others, like going on double dates with our good friends, starting a new tradition of having Taco Tuesdays, kissing in the rain and writing each other love-letters, have been a blast.

Throughout our journey with this list, I posted these on my stories and some people asked where I got it. I always said- "Well just lucky to have a sister who is the best gift-giver."

At the end of September when we were planning something next to fulfill from the list I told my sister Eeva- "You know you should take some friends and start producing these, we've had a great time with it." I gave her some ideas and there it ended.

Somehow it stuck in my head, but knowing my schedule with coaching 35 people, running workshops, writing a blog, working out 4-5 times a week, having a reading goal, cooking, cleaning, being a wife and all the other things on my plate- "There's no way I'd squeeze this in," I thought.

Then I caught myself and decided, "Well, what the heck- let's find a way."

I called Eeva and told her -"I'll be that friend I suggested you should do this with." It took some convincing because her weeks are often even busier than mine, but she was in.

And here we are...

Proud to present to you, my friends.....(drum roll).....- "Memoryhunt."

We have four boards to bring excitement, fun and positive challenges into your life. One for a woman, one for a man, for a couple and a for a family.

Memoryhunt boards for a couple, family, woman and man
Memoryhunt board for a family

Memoryhunt board for a man
Memoryhunt board for a couple

Memoryhunt board for a woman

You can customize the board with the picture of your choice and have it in English or in Estonian.

Customized board
Eeva and her boyfriend

It feels very good to have this product ready so that we can serve other people with it and bring them as much joy as it has brought us. The best part about it for me though has been the time we've spent with my sister figuring this out. The late Friday evenings eating Chinese food and coming up with cool activities to put on the boards. Or the brainstorming sessions for the name. Or the constant laughter and chats we've had throughout this. That's what matters! And that to me is exactly what Memoryhunt is all about. Taking time and creating memories with loved ones.

Now you know the story. Time to get your board and start your hunt for memories.

If you want to add some adventures to your year, check our Facebook page - "Memoryhunt" and get one (or two or ten) for yourself or as a gift (perfect Christmas present;)) Also follow our adventures on Instagram- @thememoryhunt and share yours with us.

The fastest way to order is from here-

Let's hunt memories together

We are so grateful to go on these journeys with you.


Team Memoryhunt.

What you can expect from me and vice versa?

Now that we have established what will be all the things we'll discuss on this journey, there is just one more thing on the way.

I know, I know, you're probably thinking- "Liisa, get to the point already," but I want to make sure you and I are on the same page.

I believe that every relationship is built on mutual expectations. Setting and talking through expectations is something we do with our coaching clients, something we help leaders do with their people, something we're constantly working on with Nick and something overall is an important thing to establish in life.

Have you ever been in a situation where you get frustrated because the other person didn't act the way you had planned they'd do in your head? Have you got pissed off because someone didn't meet the standards you had set for them, without actually ever telling them what those were? Familiar right?!

Unmet expectations are a big cause of disappointment, so here you'll find out what you can count on me for and vice versa- what do I expect from you, so we can walk this road together. Cool? Cool!

Let's make a deal...

What you can expect from me:

  1. To have a positive perspective. 

Have you ever heard anyone say: “I have too much positivity in my life"? Noup! You guys might have bullets flying towards you all day, all week sometimes. I know it's easy to get discouraged. You can count on this being a place to fill your positivity-tank and leave with a bigger smile on your face than with the one you came with. Having a positive perspective does not mean always being hyper positive, it just means putting in the effort to choose to see the good rather than bad.

What is something in your life you already know you should change your attitude about?

2. To be raw, real and honest.

Have you ever heard anyone say: "I wish I lied more to myself and others- that would probably get me further in life"? Noup! You can count on me for sharing our life the way it is without sugarcoating or focusing only on the peaks. The way social media depicts lives might sometimes be misleading and even depressing because of showcasing all the highlights. I've definitely gone down that rabbit-hole myself and it's not a beautiful place.

What is one area in your life where being vulnerable and honest with yourself or someone important in your life would make life a lot lighter?

3. To always show up.

Have you ever heard anyone say- "I wish I hadn't gone to the gym / eaten that healthy dinner/worked on myself"? Noup! I believe that you don't have to be the strongest, smartest or fastest to achieve your goals. Being persistent and consistent will most of the time get us where we want to be. I am definitely not the best chef, wife or coach nor is blogging my profession, but one thing you can count on me for is showing up.

What is one area in your life where merely showing up more persistently would be half of the win?

4. To always practice what I preach.

Have you ever heard someone say- "I wish I followed through with fewer things I've promised I would"? Noup! Being a practitioner is my number one goal professionally and personally. You can count on me for never sharing something with you that I am not willing to do, that I haven't done previously or that goes against what I believe in.

What is something in your life, that you could speak less about and actually do more?

Positive, raw, real and honest- count on me for those things!

Do these things sound cool with you? Yes? Good. The first part of the deal done!

What I expect from you:

  1. To come to this page with an open mind and an open heart. 

I always remind myself to be so focused on my own improvement that I don’t have time to criticize others. That’s what I expect from you as well. This site has no room for negativity or pessimism, so if you want to look for the bad in things, then this probably is not a place for you. No drama, no trash-talk, no comparing or fighting- none of those limiting, small-minded activities over here.

2. To provide feedback from a place of love. 

This blog and I definitely have a lot of room for growth. So be proactive, engage, ask questions, share your thoughts, empower, encourage, compliment and provide feedback from a place of love so we can improve together.

3. To provide accountability.

Accountability is never a sexy and fun thing, but whatever area of our lives we put some accountability in place, things often times get better. We just operate better with added accountability and you probably know which area you need it the most for. I’ll gladly be your accountability-partner if you'll be mine.

4. To be proactive.

Nothing good has ever just come from cruising along. Massive action brings massive results in every area, so whenever we discuss something, try not to just read, but decided one action item for yourself and really put it to practice.  Actually do the activities and challenges along with me and give a chance for changes to occur.

Let's kick some butt together!

Are we on the same page now? Awesome. Done deal!

Last thing I'll leave you with...

Who is someone in your life you should sit down and talk through some expectations? Your significant other... your boss... your family member...

Let's start implementing what we just talked through above. Actually have this conversation!

After that get excited- the first real post coming up in two days!:)



What will this blog be about and what will YOU get out of reading it?

Here we go....

Starting this blog has been a goal of mine for a LONG time. To be honest I put it off mainly because of fear. Fear of what will others think, fear of failure, fear of the time-commitment, fear of being vulnerable, raw and real...None of those things have gone away, but I just choose to be bigger than them. So I welcome you with an open heart to join me on this journey. It'll have ups and downs, pretty moments and not so pretty, but that's life and that's what I have decided to share with you.

Before we kick this thing off, I'll tell you a bit what kind of wild-ride are you in for...

You might (or might not yet) have noticed that the MrsConnor logo is a hexagon, which refers to the 6 topics I will be writing about. During my 27 lived years I’ve had to face quite a bit adversity and I feel I have earned the right to share some of my thoughts about the following:

1. Health

On the 20th of June 2018, I heard the three hardest words of my life- “You have cancer.” The following journey has totally transformed my attitude, perspective, and habits. I have also had a miscarriage and gone through a bunch of other health issues. Although it has been a very tough road, it has also challenged me to learn and grow in ways I never imagined possible. These health-battles have challenged me to be a better version of myself- mentally, physically and emotionally. That is exactly what I hope to give you! You are going to find here motivation to be proactive and intentional about your health, take action on things that you might be scared of and ideas on how to come out of YOUR hardest periods stronger than ever.

Me and my husband after my breast-cancer operation

2. Food

I have never been unhealthy, but I’ve never also been very conscious of what I put in my mouth. Cancer (and other diseases I've dealt with) have taught me to respect my body and its needs. Literally overnight I gave up meat, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, alcohol… anything that didn’t serve me and started learning to cook healthier. Thus far I had been the worst cook there is. No joke! I went from knowing how to put together an omelet, make a sandwich and boil potatoes for the first time at the age of 26 (terribly embarrassing!!!!) to having daily family-dinners and healthy breakfasts in a very short time.  Now I've gone back from the extreme diet to a sustainable one and cooking has become one of my favorite hobbies. Bear in mind- I've cooked for a year! That's it! So this will NOT be a "Michelin Star-type" of recipes, but easy tips to help you in your everyday cooking. You will find here my latest experiments; dinner, breakfast, and snack inspirations; ideas for a healthier diet and overall fun, simple recipes to help you think less and cook more:)

Healthy gummy bears with Bob The Bear

3. Relationships

I married the man of my dreams on the 19th of May 2018. He is American, I am Estonian. He is 37, I am 27. I am as white as one can be, he has some Irish, some African American, some Spanish in him. We come from VERY different worlds but have managed to come together as one. We did long-distance (veeeery long- 5000 miles) for a while, lived a bi-continental life, resided in the US for an extended amount of time and decided to build our life (at least for now) in my home country. During 3,5 years we’ve been through a lot and we are not perfect by any means nor do we strive to be, but we put our relationship as our number 1 priority. We work hard to be intentional in it so that we can grow individually AND together. Relationships can be tough and challenging at times, so my goal is to share with you ideas to get through hard times without falling apart, to keep on growing and communicating and just do epic things together.

Our wedding day

4. Career

I have never in my life worked a day at a job, that REQUIRED a 9 to 5 lifestyle. Me and my husband both work remotely, run our own businesses and help people achieve their goals in life through coaching. I’ve worked with the same company since I was 19. I cut my teeth in door-to-door sales, recruited and led teams, built organizations and now work one-on-one with salespeople, leaders, entrepreneurs. Having done this with hundreds of people I’ve seen what makes some more successful than others. As I am a practitioner of what I preach I'll share based on my own AND other's experience ways to be more efficient in time- and self-management; how to set goals, track and achieve them and how to hold yourself accountable for doing what you know you are capable of!

Helping people achieve their goals in life

5. Lifestyle

To me, lifestyle is all about creating good habits. Habits can be our greatest helpers or our heaviest burdens. At the end of the day, the combination of our habits is what makes our life. My goal is to always focus on activities that will strengthen my body and my mind, including consistent workouts, affirmations, journaling, listening to podcasts, reading books, etc. You will find here encouragement to train your body, mind, and spirit consistently; to form habits that serve you and ideas on how not to go crazy under the pressure in the pursuit of all of it.

Striving for healthy body, mind, and spirit

6. Traveling

During the last 2 years, me and my husband have traveled to 15 different countries and my goal is for the number of countries I've been to match my age (or surpass it). We believe that traveling and experiencing various cultures is one of the best investments in ourselves. We have visited some pretty cool places so far and plan to continue with that and I want to bring you along on those adventures. You will get the front row seat to these journeys with travel-recommendations; activity suggestions, and most of the time a good, hearty laugh along the way;)

Thailand 2019

Now that you know what you'll get from there, the last thing I want you to know is why this blog name is MrsConnor. Other than it being my last name, it doesn't really give any idea of the content itself. That actually is the goal. I don’t just want to be the "cancer-girl" or the "cooking-lady", the "sales-coach” or any other specific label. I want to be me! I want to be Liisa-Maria Connor. And with that, you’ll get bits and pieces of all of it. If some topic is on my mind or heart from my own life and experience, I’ll share it, because the likelihood of you having the same thought or situation at some point is pretty high.

With all of this being said, I just want to say “Thank you.” Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and keeping me learning. Thank you for being a trooper and marching alongside with me. Thank you for investing the time to better yourself! Thank you and welcome:)