Memoryhunt- say “YES” to new adventures

I am SO excited to start pouring these words that you are about to read, onto this screen.

Me and my sister have been working on our secret, little project for the last month or so and I’m super pumped to share it with you.

So let me start from the beginning…

Last Christmas my sister gave us the coolest gift. It was called “List to make your next year crazy.” There were activities for me and Nick to experience throughout the coming year.

The original “List to make your next year crazy”

Let me tell you- this board has brought so much fun and incredible memories for us in 2019.

We tried winter-swimming

We went on a tandem bike ride

We went to see a concert by an artist we both love

We had a picnic
We planned our dream vacation

We relaxed in a SPA

We got a couples massage
We dressed up for Halloween
MUAH: Elina Aleste, Diana Merisalu
Photo: Alice Märtin Photography

We went canoeing

We did a spaghetti-kiss

These were some of the highlights, but also some others, like going on double dates with our good friends, starting a new tradition of having Taco Tuesdays, kissing in the rain and writing each other love-letters, have been a blast.

Throughout our journey with this list, I posted these on my stories and some people asked where I got it. I always said- “Well just lucky to have a sister who is the best gift-giver.”

At the end of September when we were planning something next to fulfill from the list I told my sister Eeva- “You know you should take some friends and start producing these, we’ve had a great time with it.” I gave her some ideas and there it ended.

Somehow it stuck in my head, but knowing my schedule with coaching 35 people, running workshops, writing a blog, working out 4-5 times a week, having a reading goal, cooking, cleaning, being a wife and all the other things on my plate- “There’s no way I’d squeeze this in,” I thought.

Then I caught myself and decided, “Well, what the heck- let’s find a way.”

I called Eeva and told her -“I’ll be that friend I suggested you should do this with.” It took some convincing because her weeks are often even busier than mine, but she was in.

And here we are…

Proud to present to you, my friends…..(drum roll)…..- “Memoryhunt.”

We have four boards to bring excitement, fun and positive challenges into your life. One for a woman, one for a man, for a couple and a for a family.

Memoryhunt boards for a couple, family, woman and man
Memoryhunt board for a family

Memoryhunt board for a man
Memoryhunt board for a couple

Memoryhunt board for a woman

You can customize the board with the picture of your choice and have it in English or in Estonian.

Customized board
Eeva and her boyfriend

It feels very good to have this product ready so that we can serve other people with it and bring them as much joy as it has brought us. The best part about it for me though has been the time we’ve spent with my sister figuring this out. The late Friday evenings eating Chinese food and coming up with cool activities to put on the boards. Or the brainstorming sessions for the name. Or the constant laughter and chats we’ve had throughout this. That’s what matters! And that to me is exactly what Memoryhunt is all about. Taking time and creating memories with loved ones.

Now you know the story. Time to get your board and start your hunt for memories.

If you want to add some adventures to your year, check our Facebook page – “Memoryhunt” and get one (or two or ten) for yourself or as a gift (perfect Christmas present;)) Also follow our adventures on Instagram- @thememoryhunt and share yours with us.

The fastest way to order is from here-

Let’s hunt memories together

We are so grateful to go on these journeys with you.


Team Memoryhunt.