Flavor Squad's Latvian adventures

October 13, 2019

This following travel-suggestion is mostly for my Estonians. We had an awesome time this weekend in Latvia and I figured some of you might be looking for a nice, quick getaway too. This is a close, entertaining, beautiful option for that.

Me and Maarja (a fellow Southwestern Consulting coach and a great friend) had a team seminar on Friday in Riga. We decided to take our spouses with us and turn the work-trip into a work-and-fun trip. Maarja, just like myself, has an American husband. They met at the same time we met with Nick while me and Maarja were training in the US for opening up Estonia for SWC coaching.

So if you are thinking first… well what the heck is this Flavor Squad, then that’s us four. We started as the team “Sweet & Spicy.” Maarja loves everything hot and flaming and that’s how her personality is and I adore everything sweet. Then we added Nick, the Salty one and last, but not least- Allen, Mr. Smoky. Our cheesy, but fun Estonian-American quartet.

Anyway- after work in Riga we decided to explore Sigulda. It’s a small, charming town, an hour outside of Riga and it totally won our hearts with gorgeous fall vibes, vibrant buildings, and a welcoming atmosphere.

So here are a couple of cool things to do in Sigulda:

1.Walk around the parks

We found a Ferris wheel, butterfly exhibitions and a lot of nice parks.

2. Tour the streets

The town had an endearing look to it

Mrs. Clark in full bloom

Found the perfect chocolates From the left- Allen, Maarja and their dog Ellie) Nick and me

This little cafe had one of the biggest pastry-selections I’ve ever seen

3. Visit the Gutmanis Cave

4. Ride with a cable car and enjoy the nature around

The Cable Car ride over the River Valley

Gorgeous autumn

PS! We actually couldn’t go on the cable car, because we had only cards. So make sure you have cash on hand when you go there (12 euros per person two ways).

Additional things to do in Sigulda, that we didn’t get to yet:

  • Visit the Castles (Turaida and Sigulda Medieval Castle)
  • Go to the Tarzan’s Adventure Park
  • Hike in the River Valley
  • Do a bungee jump
  • Check out the Bobsleigh Track

On our way from Latvia, we also stopped at a place near Pärnu that holds a very special place in all of the Flavor Squad’s hearts, especially for the duo Spicy and Smoky. It’s a place called Pärnu Bay Golf Links and it’s where Allen and Maarja got married this summer. I and Nick were a part of their bridesmaids- groomsmen crew and it was an absolutely amazing day.

22 June 2019- Flavor Squad at Maarja and Allen’s wedding

Have to have some flavors in this life!

Allen even had “Smoky” written in the collar of his wedding-suit

The building has a good restaurant and beautiful views, so if you are near Pärnu it is a good place to check out.

In a nutshell…this was our weekend- great friends, lots of laughs, a ton of good food and bright-colored scenes. If I had to describe a perfect weekend, there isn’t a whole lot I’d add.

We definitely recommend to go in the next couple of weeks, when all the trees are still colorful, then it’s the prettiest sight. For Estonians, it’s quite a short and well worth drive.

Hope you all had as much fun!

When you get to Sigulda, send me some pictures too:)




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