Christmas spirit is hand-made

December 15, 2019

I have never been too much of a handy person.

When I was in school I delegated most of my handicraft lesson tasks to my grandma. Then I tried to be super slow in the class so that the teacher wouldn’t understand the difference between what I did there and what the end result was. I remember thinking- “I will one day be such a crappy grandmother because I won’t know how to do any of this stuff.”

Just like cooking, which previously had seemed a waste of time to me, doing hand-made presents fit exactly in the same category. “Why should I take that time, if I can just go and buy something?” was my reasoning. Last year though, after going through everything with my health, for some reason I started appreciating all hand-made things so much more. They have that one extra ingredient, that can’t be always added to purchases- LOVE! A whole lot of love.

So I decided to give it a try…

I share it because maybe some of you are on the look for ideas to do this Christmas and this might ease your search a bit.

Liisa’s Elf Factory

Bare in mind reading this- it doesn’t need a whole lot of talent (which as you discovered above I surely lack) to put together something sweet and handcrafted. Just some time and effort.

Here’s what ended up making into the gift-bags of my friends:

  1. Soy wax candles
You’ll need soy wax flakes, color tablets + oil for smell if you prefer, jars for the candles and wicks

First, melt the preferred amount of soy wax flakes on a water bath. Add in the color tablets and smell drops if you prefer. I chose to do apple-cinnamon green ones and vanilla smelling red ones (which eventually turned out pink).

Step one- melting the soy wax flakes

Let the mixture cool to about 50C / 120F to avoid cracking when drying. Then put the wicks in your jars. For that, I lit another candle and dipped the end in the wax, so it would stay in the place in the middle of the jar.

Step two- add the wicks to the jars

Pour the liquid mixture in and let it thicken 10+ hours. Since I did two different ones I just divided the mixture at the beginning to two and added the colors to separate patches.

Step three- pour into the jars

Once cooled I added labels and lids.

Green apple-cinnamon Christmas candle
Pink vanilla Christmas candle
I made a total of 14 of these from the wax I ordered

I bought all the jars, lids, glasses from Magaziin store, but really whichever containers you prefer, work. They just need to bear the heat. For the Estonians- the candle materials I ordered from None of this stuff is sponsored, maybe just makes your journey to get the necessary easier.

2. Crunchy peanut butter

First roast ordinary, unsalted peanuts in the oven around 5-8 minutes until you feel the good, roasted nutty smell.

Then blend (I used a food processor) the peanuts for a few minutes until they start becoming a creamier mixture. Add oil based on the preference of creaminess, honey and a hint of sea salt.

Blend until desired texture. For crunchy peanut butter chop some nuts separately and stir in with a spoon. Keep refrigerated.

Crunchy peanut butter
A whole lot of peanuts=
= 14 jars of crunchy peanut butter, yum!

It can be used on porridges, baking, smoothies or I just eat it with a spoon. To me, it tops all store peanut butters.

3. Herb salt

First blend bigger grain sea salt with fresh rosemary, thyme, dill (or whatever your favorite herbs are). Add garlic.

When the mixture is blended, keep in the oven on a low heat for a few minutes to let it dry and get to the texture of salt.

Home-made herb salt
A whole lot of rosemary, thyme, dill, garlic and salt=
= 14 + jars of herb salt

Use on whatever food that needs some extra seasoning.

Home-made Christmas gifts

One last reminder- sprinkle the main ingredient- “LOVE” into all of the jars!

Who knows… maybe, after all, I still have some potential to one day be that grandma, who can be delegated handicraft tasks.

Anyway- just to end here on a fun note. Here’s a picture of my “crazy creatures” who were some of the receivers of the goodies.

Sir N Christmas gathering in a casual attire
When you get to fly on the back of a unicorn, you have to seize the opportunity!

Hope this helps some of you guys.

Wishing you all an amazing Holiday season and beautiful time with your closest people.




2 responses to “Christmas spirit is hand-made”

Nii toredad ideed, eriti maapähklivõi 😋 Kas jagaksid ka pähklite kogust millest 14 purki saab ja kust sellised kihvtid purgid leiab? 🙂

Hei Carina:)
Väga tore, et mõtted meeldivad. Kõik purgid, kaaned ostsin Magaziini poest, mis Lasnamäel asub. Võib ka leida Koduekstrast ja sellistest teistest pudi-padi poodidest;)
Koguse poolest natuke sõltub palju õli juurde panna jms, aga mina sain sellest 4-st rimi pähklipakist 14 tehtud ja minumeelest viimasest pakist jäi veel üle poole alles.

Anna julgelt teada kui veel küsimusi. Loodan, et su pühad olid vahvad ja meisterdamine läks ka hästi.

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